What Is A Probate Attorney?

A probate attorney offers legal advice, support, and services to either the named or appointed administrator, executor, or personal representative of the deceased estate. With probate, assets are handled by a neutral party outside of and independent of the estate. This relieves the family and beneficiaries of having to worry about their inheritance and who will be dealing with the probate court systems. The executor and administrator are typically an attorney or certified public accountant with experience in estate planning and probate administration. Together, they counsel and administer the deceased person s last will and testament, distribute the estate, collect the necessary debts, pay any outstanding taxes, and settle any other obligations of the deceased.Visit Fort Lauderdale Probate Attorney for more details.

To select a probate attorney, contact an experienced probate attorney who can offer guidance based on the particular needs of your case and a comprehensive overview of probate law. Most attorneys offer free consultations for potential clients and can even schedule a free initial meeting for you and the other parties involved in the potential estate. During the consultation, your probate attorney will discuss the applicable estate planning documents, estate taxes, and applicable state probate laws. They will then determine if the joint tenancy is qualified, will work on a customized financial plan, draft a living trust, and finalize all relevant administration details such as who will handle the affairs once the deceased party has passed. Your probate lawyer may also help draft the funeral plan.

If the decedents had jointly held property or debt before they died, that may be distributed as part of the probate process. For example, if they owned a home or condo, it could be sold to pay off debts and create a trust. If the deceased owed money to creditors, the executor could negotiate with those creditors to pay off the debt and leave the inheritor with a minimal amount to pay off debts. The last step is for the executor to pay off the final balance.

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