The YACHT Events is a community group that has been established to bring men of all ages together in order to share and support each other. This may be in the form of a stag do, but is more commonly known as a cocktail party. This is a chance for men to get together not only to socialize but also to network by sharing ideas, experiences and fun times that they have had during their social travels. The events are free to attend and anyone is free to come along whether you’re single or part of a couple. More tips here

If you would like to attend an event such as this, you need to make sure that you’ve booked yourself in advance. Just like at any major event, there will be limited seating and signing up will be strict. It will be very difficult to obtain tickets if you are unable to plan your schedule in advance.

Yachts refers to private yachts, usually boats of any size, equipped with all necessary amenities. Yachts are often luxurious and can cost several million dollars. The companies providing facilities on yachts usually belong to the network of yacht brokerage firms and deal with financing, maintenance, operations management and technical support. Yachts events provide an opportunity for yacht brokerage firms and the companies that own them to interact and share information