Services Offered By Home Care Agencies

Home Care is a health care or direct care given by an expert caregiver at the patient’s home where the client or patient is receiving, rather than care given in more institutionalized setting such as nursing homes or clinics. Homecare is also sometimes called domiciliary care, companion care or domiciliary home care. It is generally offered by non-profit organizations and is geared to meet the immediate needs of the client or patient who cannot provide for his or her own personal care. Often, patients or clients who are unable to care for themselves can receive help from a home caregiver while receiving therapy or assistance from the health care provider who is trained in assisting those with limited ability to care for themselves. In some cases, the caregiver will offer therapy and may serve as a physical or speech therapist as well.Checkout Your Choice Home Care Atlanta – Dekalb Home Health, Snellville for more info.

One of the services that home care agencies can offer is physical therapy. Seniors can get physical therapy in many settings including schools, hospitals, assisted living communities and through the home care agency itself. A physical therapist will be knowledgeable about the equipment that is needed to help the senior maintain strength and mobility. He or she will be familiar with which exercises will help them to improve their range of motion, and which ones will build muscle strength. Home caregivers can also be taught how to properly use the equipment so that it does not interfere with daily activities such as bathing, cooking or eating. Proper physical therapy will help seniors retain their independent lifestyle and make them more comfortable and independent.

Another service that home care agencies offer is bathing. Many seniors are in a weakened state due to various factors such as advanced age, disease or just growing older. Bathing can be a difficult task for the elderly person, as they have difficulty in achieving a relaxed state. But if a caregiver is hired, he or she will be able to regularly bathe the elderly people to make them more comfortable. Elder care assistants can also teach seniors how to bathe themselves. This will enable them to do their own personal bathing without assistance.


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