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One of the most crucial questions to ask before selecting a roofing contractor is whether or not they are properly licenced and insured. Roofing is a hazardous profession. Hiring an unlicensed roofer exposes you to a potentially disastrous responsibility. Take precautions! Click here to find more about StaDry Roofing & Restorations – Raleigh, NC – Raleigh roofing contractors are here
Check to see if your contractor is a roofing contractor rather than a general contractor. Inquire about how long he’s been in business and where he’s located. Look at his truck; if it has a magnetic sign on it, he is most likely a subcontractor for numerous companies. Is he planning to stay in the roofing business for the duration of your new roof’s warranty? And what does the warranty entail, and what does it cover? Is there a warranty for both the materials and the craftsmanship? Make certain that both materials and labour are covered.
If you obtain numerous estimates, be sure they’re all written down and that they’re all based on the same roofing project specifications. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever rely on verbal assurances. Insist on receiving written confirmation of all assurances, promises, and warranties. All warranties from the various manufacturers whose goods will be used will be included. Also, look into their previous work; any professional roofing contractor should have job sites available for you to inspect.
As the proposal progresses, consider whether you are comfortable with the roofing contractor. Is the scope of work spelled out in plain and intelligible words while examining the contract? Your contractor is responsible for obtaining any necessary building, roofing, or re-roofing permits, as well as scheduling the necessary inspections. Make sure you have a written copy of all project expectations, and only sign the contract if you fully comprehend the terms.
Larger contractors may not require a deposit, but if they do, never pay more than 10% of the whole contract price, or $1,000. Never make a payment with cash. Also, if you’re paying as the job goes on, don’t let the payments get ahead of the work. Keep track of everything that pertains to your project, including all payments, in a work file. Make the final payment only once you’re completely happy with the work.