Characteristics of Snellville Real Estate Investors Association

The average investor has a credit score of decent to excellent. Excellent cash reserves or secret capital of cash-rich partners, as well as a willingness to close the deal at almost any expense. The best-kept secret of all is that these speculative beasts move in groups. The distance between you and where you see each other is really  close.Learn more about us at Snellville Real Estate Investors Association

In other words, they know who you need to know in order to expand your investor database. If a real estate professional does a good job, satisfied customers are likely to refer a large number of other buyers. Not only their investor customers, but their daily real estate company as well. Face it, if you can show your clients how capable you are of their biggest personal real estate purchase, don’t you think they’ll trust you more than their “trusted real estate advisors” when it comes to purchasing a simple home, condo, or beach house?

What if you haven’t been concentrating on real estate investment? And you’re thinking, “Well, this all sounds pretty good,” so why don’t we give it a shot? The first question to ask yourself is who have your clients been working with or discussing real estate investment opportunities with during the last three to four months. Six out of ten clients have considered or have already started investing in real estate before their realtor has even had a chance to blink. Have I gotten your attention yet? How about the fact that by simply placing myself within my primary data-base of customers, I was able to raise my annual commissions by 30% in less than a year? I simply informed them that I was ready, willing, and able to assist them with their “Investment Realty” requirements. During the first year, I discovered that if I could build an atmosphere where my clients could learn more about real estate investment, they would be grateful in a number of ways.