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Next, make sure the latex in the bed you’re considering is made entirely of natural latex. Latex comes in a variety of forms, including natural and synthetic latex, as well as a mix of the two. Synthetic latex is made up of chemicals and synthetic materials that aren’t found in nature. Make sure the latex you’re considering is 100 percent genuine, whether it’s Talalay or Dunlop. Though natural latex contains a few other ingredients (zinc oxide, fatty acid soaps, and sulphur), rest assured that they are all natural. Click here to find more about Mattress Firm near me are here

Be wary of the “Dunlop/Talalay latex is the best, and we just bring the best” sales pitch. Many latex manufacturers only carry one form of latex and will inform you that it is the best latex available. However, Talalay and Dunlop latex are both excellent products, and a reputable company can provide you with the choice. When it comes to the differences between the two forms of latex, one rule of thumb to note is that Talalay latex is usually softer than Dunlop latex in the same firmness group. Soft Talalay latex, for example, is smoother than soft Dunlop latex. Some manufacturers would try to mislead you by claiming that natural Talalay latex does not exist. That was valid up until a few years ago. Latex International, on the other hand, now produces a Talalay latex that is 100 percent safe. Another factor to remember when it comes to latex in your bed is the volume of latex used to construct it. Sure, a manufacturer may claim that the latex in the bed is 100 percent natural, but that doesn’t guarantee that the latex in the bed is 100 percent natural throughout. If you’re purchasing a 12 “Because the mattress includes 6″ of latex, anything else must be used to make up the remaining 6”. After accounting for the wool or cotton that often makes up the sheet, the total weight of the mattress is generally about 2 pounds “, and what else is in the mattress?