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Physiotherapy & Massage are a relatively new branch of health care, but has rapidly become very popular in the United States. In fact, the two professions are now combined and there are now Physiotherapy programs at many colleges and universities, including four graduate level degrees in physiotherapy and four undergraduate degrees in massage therapy. Massage therapy programs are now offered at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The physiotherapy program is focused on correcting skeletal and muscular imbalances which can cause pain, and the massage program is aimed at addressing chronic pain conditions. These two branches of health care work together to help patients regain mobility and well-being.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Grande Prairie Physiotherapy & Massage, Grande Prairie.

Physiotherapy & Massage practitioners work together with a range of specialists to help patients suffering from a variety of conditions, from tennis elbow to plantar fasciitis, and back pain to whiplash and neck pain. The primary goal of physiotherapy and massage is to reduce pain and promote healing while protecting the patient against further injury. During a physical therapy session, a qualified physiotherapist will use techniques such as massage, traction, exercise, stretching and hot packs to manipulate the soft tissues around the body to decrease pain and stiffness, and encourage natural movement. For some patients, physiotherapy and massage may provide short-term relief from pain, but the treatment is only effective if it is ongoing. In order for physiotherapy & massage to be most effective, patients should continue these treatments after a certain amount of time has passed since their last session.

Most people return to work and the symptoms aren’t usually evident until several weeks or months have passed, sometimes longer. In order for physiotherapy & massage to be most beneficial, patients should undergo a minimum of three separate treatments. If an injury has already caused significant pain, more than three separate therapies may be required in order to completely alleviate the patient’s pain and discomfort. Some injuries can be treated by a series of therapies that are completed in one appointment; other sports massage therapy treatments may require at least two separate office visits.

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