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Do not just assume that since these stats are here and say one thing, your roof will endure exactly this long. Taking everything into account, these figures are based on years of data and facts from diverse scenarios and have been proven to be dependable throughout time. The following valuable lifespans for the most generally used roofing systems were determined by the most recent comprehensive research study on roofing system life expectancy. Click here to find more about Best Roofing El Paso are here
When we talk about spray-applied coatings, we’re talking about silicone coatings. We make these coatings; however, they are not a stand-alone system. They are designed to be put to an existing roofing system in order to increase the life of that system. Spray-applied coatings, like SPF roofs, are still relatively new roofing systems that lack the decisive knowledge that other roofing systems do. In any case, depending on the application thickness, these systems can last up to 20 years, with some systems promising up to 50 years. They can be recoated with less product than was originally applied at the end of their lives and restored for another 10-20 years of service. Because no one has yet reached that threshold, it is still unknown how long this recoating technique can last before failing.
The amount of maintenance required to ensure that your concrete roof lasts its full projected life is significantly less than that necessary for a metal roof or most other systems. There is some maintenance that should be done; no roofing system is maintenance-free, but concrete is one of the less demanding options.
According to the research, metal is expected to last between 30-45 years following installation. If the roof is well-maintained through time, this lifespan can be expected. Regular painting to prevent corrosion, replacement of substandard or broken panels, and re-fastening the roof if any fasteners become dislodged during roof movement are all examples of this