Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

They are creepy and crawling. Particularly during daylight hours, they’re hard to spot. Maybe you don’t even know they are there. But for homeowners, hotel owners, grocery stores and even hospitals, they’re causing all kinds of problems. They are bed bugs, which are becoming a major annoyance to individuals all over the United States.

Hotels, because of them, are shutting down. For long periods of time, department stores have shut down, struggling to get rid of them. As they phone extermination businesses when addressing possible PR disasters, hospitals are trying to do damage control. With these pesky little creatures that leave large swollen bite marks and an over-ripened raspberry stench, even university dorm rooms are struggling.You may find more details about this at A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Tampa – Tampa bed bug treatment.

So how are bed bugs going to get to these places? How is it that you get rid of them? And what would you do to get them exterminated for good?

Bed bugs are, first of all, not representative of bad hygiene. It’s not because you’re a dirty person or have a dirty house if you find bed bugs in your home. They use fabrics, such as purses, luggage, sweaters, and coats, instead. After travelling, they also nestle in old mattresses, bed comforters, box springs, seats, and couches.

The highest proportion of infestations is made up of box springs at 34.6%, followed by couches/chairs at 22.6%, and third, mattresses at 22.4%.

Getting rid of these criteria requires the help of a pest control company specialized in the elimination of bed bugs. An exterminator will use highly advanced equipment to search your house, deciding if in fact, you are doing them. Then the exterminator will use the necessary chemicals for extermination to kill them off.

As far as prevention is concerned, you will want to ensure that mattresses and other cracks in fabrics are regularly vacuumed, and do so thoroughly. Instead of putting them on beds, couches, and furniture, you’ll want to make sure you hang up all the jackets and coats. For suitcases and purses, the same goes. Hang up your purses and keep your bags off the board.