Stucco Repair -Guidelines

What exactly is Stucco Repair anyway? Stucco repair simply refers to re-enforcing the stucco on joints, flashing, windows and other areas around the house, in order to make it stronger, or remove some certain chunks of deteriorated stucco and replace it with new stucco in it’s place. There are many different options available when repairing your home, so be sure to get a quote from a reputable company first. Click here to find more about Why DIY Stucco Repair is a Bad Idea are here
Often times Stucco will become damaged due to moisture building up behind or around it, causing the stucco to become damp or mushy – this can often cause it to leak or even crumble away from the original surface underneath. Stucco can also become damaged or misshapen due to repeated exposure to the elements (especially heat), or perhaps because of the materials used to build the home itself. In any case, if you have any questions regarding Stucco repairs, there are numerous professionals out there that specialize in such work, so don’t hesitate to contact them for a quote – after all, their job is to earn your business! Some common problems that might arise include loose stucco, peeling stucco, uneven or missing stucco – all of these are easily fixed and sometimes even solved by simply adding a layer of Stucco or a new product to fix the problem. Another common issue would be a damaged or misshapen Stucco piece, which can be easily repaired by replacing the entire piece or by adding a filler to the spot that needs it.
If you have damage such as this, you might also need to consider using metal lath or Stucco overlay in order to fix the problem, but remember this; metal lath is not a substitute for proper Stucco Repair. Stucco should be allowed to dry thoroughly between coats of Stucco, so that the metal lath is properly connected to the surface underneath. Furthermore, Stucco should never be applied before the building paper has dried completely as well, or else the Stucco may split and expose the underneath paper. Metal lath may offer a smooth and even application, but the surface it creates is not as smooth as the stucco itself, so the final look may not be as satisfactory either. Remember, before calling a professional to help you with Stucco Repair; check and double-check that you are working with the right material and check to make sure your metal lath or Stucco overlays are sturdy enough to withstand the elements, and that the repair process will last a long time.