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Since the time of Charles Dickens and before that, clerks have been employed by legal practises to perform administrative work under the supervision of a solicitor or barrister, but they have not been able to earn qualifications or perform any work that a qualified lawyer had to authorise. As the law has become more wide-ranging and for a number of reasons, more individuals have recourse to legal advice or action, so the business of solicitors has increased and they have had to transfer some of their workload to assistants or paralegals. If you are looking for more tips, check out Portland Process Server Association

Some of these workers do not recognise themselves as paralegals, but are referred to as managers, administrators, clerks, and other terms. The term’ legal assistance staff ‘is commonly used to describe jobs such as secretaries, accountants, HR officers, and couriers whose jobs are with a law firm, police, or public body, but do not do real legal work. Anyone may call him or herself a paralegal and, except in three circumstances, doing so or offering legal advice is not a criminal offence. These are: activities listed only in the Solicitors Act 1974 as applicants; dealing with immigration work unless registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Immigration Services; and certain types of claims and compensation work that must be registered with the Ministry of Justice.

Paralegals have quickly become recognised as helpful to both their legal firms and their clients, giving the public access to less formal legal services at a lower cost than if their affairs were dealt with by a partner or fully qualified solicitor. Some companies use paralegals more than others, and their responsibilities may include appearing in courts and tribunals and acting as representatives of the police station. Starting a career as a paralegal does not require official qualifications, such as a law degree, and most people employed in such legal work learned from experience while working until the last decade.