Medical Marijuana: A Medicine For Multiple Sclerosis?

Medical marijuana is the dried leaves and stems of cannabis, grown for medical use by patients suffering from certain medical ailments. This medication has been approved by the United States government as being a legitimate form of therapy, with most of the states in the country allowing its use. In fact, California is the only state in the US where recreational marijuana is illegal, with anyone caught using it caught and punished according to the state’s penal code. Medical marijuana users in the country have to register with the state as a legal user before they can legally possess any amount of the drug. Although California is the only state in the US where medical marijuana use is illegal, fourteen other states permit the drug to be used for medicinal purposes.Visit

The most common uses of medical cannabis are to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy, to help relieve the side effects of AIDS and chemotherapy, and to treat glaucoma and other vision problems. There are also reports that it may be used to treat seizures and help control nausea associated with certain diseases. It has also been reported that marijuana can be helpful in combating the side effects of some cancer treatments, although conclusive evidence on this is hard to come by, and there is currently no evidence linking medical marijuana to any type of successful treatment for cancer. However, medical marijuana does reduce the nausea some cancer patients suffer as a side effect of treatment.

Because medical marijuana is not approved by the FDA, it is difficult for qualified patients to find suppliers who are willing to sell them marijuana. Those who are interested in buying have to be careful about which suppliers they buy from, as most are operating in the gray area of the law and may not be safe. Patients should make sure that the supplier is licensed to sell medical marijuana in the state in which they live, and that they are conducting business according to state regulations. To find a reliable source of medical marijuana in California, patients should find a place to buy it that are local to them, rather than wasting time and money traveling across the country. It is estimated that a few hundred thousand people in the state alone use medical marijuana regularly, which provides a steady market for legitimate suppliers, while helping those who suffer from debilitating diseases to live productive and pain-free lives.