Importance Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants, also known as dentures, are artificial parts that replace missing teeth with teeth. Implants are made from a composite of titanium and either metal or ceramic material. Implants can be used to treat both mild and severe tooth loss and are now used more often for patients in America than in the past. A dental implant is basically a surgically implemented integral interface with the healthy bone or gum of the patient to serve as an orthodontic replacement, including a bridge, crown, denture or facial implant. In order to provide a patient with improved oral health, as well as improved chewing functions, a dental implant procedure is often recommended by a dentist. Learn more by visiting Austin Dental Implants.

One major disadvantage of dental implants is that they may not be suitable for people who have undergone significant bone loss or have lost all of their teeth due to disease, aging, accidents, or disease. Patients suffering from these conditions must wait until their bone mass has reached a healthy level before placing an implant. Another important consideration is the period of time that the implant will need to be replaced following its placement. Generally, the procedure will take several months to several years to accomplish depending on the severity of the condition and the type of implant being used. Because implants require multiple visits to the dentist in order to achieve successful placement, many patients choose to arrange their own short term visits during the weeks surrounding major holidays or just whenever there is available free dental surgery.

Overall, the advantages of dental implants far outweigh the significant disadvantages that are commonly associated with this popular treatment. As long as a patient fully understands the limitations and benefits associated with the procedure, he or she should be able to schedule a convenient time and dentist to meet their needs. For patients considering this option, it is important to discuss every treatment option, including the pros and cons, with a licensed and experienced oral surgeon so they can make an informed decision that will provide the greatest benefit for each patient.

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