Understanding Structured Water Filters

A Structured Water unit is a system that distributes the water throughout your home in a very precise fashion. The unit itself is made up of multiple pipes all connected to your home’s main water supply. The purpose of these units is to help alleviate the pressure on your plumbing, which can lead to problems with your pipes. The answer to this problem is in using a Multi stage unit. These have proven to be effective at solving pipe pressure issues. view publisher site
Now here is one example, if you were to take a sample of someone’s blood from their arm and compared it to a glass of a structure water unit, you would notice the surface tension between the two. The reason for this is due to the surface tension. The structure stage will distribute the amount of water throughout the entire unit, therefore minimizing any pressure build up. Now, think about the importance of surface tension in regards to how well a blood clot is accepted into the body. When there is too much surface tension, the blood cells will simply not be able to lock together and the result can be a fatal stroke. If we are to solve this problem then we can take the concept of surface tension and apply it directly to the process of blood clotting.
This is how it works, the more surface tension there is between the various pipes within a structure the better the distribution of the water molecules clusters. With less surface tension, there is greater potential for water molecule clusters to be dislodged and pooling at the bottom of the tubes causing blockages, which can result in a number of different problems. Well, as you can probably tell by now, this concept has huge implications in relation to the way we use our water units, therefore, why wouldn’t someone want to know more about it?