Points Related To Pittsburgh Plantation Shutters Association

Plantation shutters are window shutters that are made up of either wood or vinyl and are commonly used in the US to cover homes with windows. A window shutter is usually a strong and solid window covering consisting of either a horizontal or vertical frame of rails and vertical louvers. The louvers allow you to adjust the amount of light that comes into your house from the outside. Plantation shutters usually consist of louvers that have been mounted in a wooden frame on both sides and one at the bottom. Learn more by visiting Pittsburgh Plantation Shutters Association.

These days, there is a variety of window covering options including the use of plantation shutters as well as traditional shutters. Although both of these shutters are extremely popular, more homeowners prefer to use modern styled shutters that are very easy to maintain. In addition, modern style shutters are usually much lighter in weight than traditional shutters which allows them to be used effectively in homes with high ceilings and also in offices that have tall windows. On the other hand, traditional shutters which are used to cover windows in older homes are usually very heavy and large.

Most people prefer using plantation shutters because they are a lot simpler than the louvered variety. Plantation shutters consist of louvers that have been mounted horizontally and on the edges, while traditional shutters usually have slats that are curved vertically and on the edges. Vertical slats are typically used to provide heavier protection for larger windows while horizontal slats are used to create a thinner appearance and allow better air flow. Louvers that are wide are often recommended for bigger windows and taller ones while those that are narrow are preferred for smaller windows and thinner louvers.