The Best Sheen- Info

Choosing the best paint sheen for a project often requires a lot of thought. Of course, there’s the question of choosing between flat and gloss paint, but beyond that, you have to decide what kind of sheen you’re looking for. Gloss gives the paint a cluster, whereas flat paint has little reflective quality and tends to be less shiny; so, basically, it’s a trade-off. Here are some tips on how to choose the best paint for the project at hand. Click to more information

Remember that flat exterior paint does not shine at all, whereas high-sheen high-grit paint is almost completely glossy. Satin, eggshell and semi-grit sheets fall somewhere between. While all exterior paints overlap somewhat, any siding with moisture-prone walls should go with semi-grit or flat paint, which also stands up well to grease and drips.

The best paint sheen for bathrooms comes in a few different forms. For example, porcelain is one of the least durable types of paint, but still one of the most beautiful. However, it’s typically only suitable for use on tiled or waterproof cement surfaces, such as bathrooms. If your home boasts non-porcelain surfaces (including showers and countertops) then acrylics or even terra-cotta chips are the best choices for bathroom paint colors.