Microsoft Ecommerce Store: Your Gateway To Success

The successful use of technology is the hallmark of a successful retail industry. What point-of-sale system you’re using, whether you and your staff are IT savvy, and whether you’re selling online through an automated process are all factors to consider. Technology in the retail industry is a must these days if you want to increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition throughout the year. Microsoft Retail Management System is one such application that can take your company to new heights, and a Microsoft Dynamics RMS cart application can offer your retail business new wings.

The Microsoft Dynamics RMS cart is a full shopping cart device that connects Dynamics RMS to your ecommerce store. The Microsoft ecommerce cart interacts with Dynamics RMS running at the retailer’s end through a web integrator (that generates and reads XML files), which is built on the.NET framework (although this can also be done on PHP). The web integrator uploads product information from your RMS to the Microsoft ecommerce store, and after orders have been processed, the same web integrator will assist you in downloading orders from your Microsoft ecommerce cart to your retail management system. The entire process can be operated manually or fully automated. Stock updating and order download processes can be planned and managed in near real-time, depending on the volume of orders and the state of your inventory.

The following are the top advantages of using Microsoft’s ecommerce cart:

  • You don’t need two different work forces to run a Microsoft Dynamics RMS cart programme. The same team that runs your retail store will easily run your Microsoft ecommerce store.
  • Microsoft’s powerful Retail Management System serves both the brick-and-mortar store and the Microsoft ecommerce cart, ensuring flawless operations in all facets of your retail business.
  • Your Microsoft ecommerce store can have any look you want. While shopping, your customers will enjoy the same ease of movement and welcoming atmosphere.
  • All of your sales figures, including those from your physical store and online, are combined. You no longer have to process and sales report individually and then manually collate all.