Canadian trademark agency – Insights

If you are planning to set up your own business in Canada and need some help and guidance on what is needed, then the first thing that you need to understand is the role of a patent agent. A patent agent plays a critical role in the smooth running of a patent office because his role is to ensure that all the files on the patent application are received by the patent office on time and in the right format. Besides this he also plays a key role in screening all the applicants who have made their way into the patent office for the first time. Once a patent is approved, the patent agent’s work is to make sure that the patent is not patented before it is released in the market for others to make use of. For more information, visit their website at Canadian trademark agency

To become a patent agent in Canada, you will need to obtain a two-year post graduate degree from an accredited college or university. After finishing your graduation you will have to pass a thorough interview process conducted by the Canadian Patent and Trademark Office. After this you will need to pass two further examinations to be able to become a patent agent. These further examinations are known as Patent Examination Review Council and Registration Examination Council.

After getting your license as a patent agent in Canada, you will need to register your company. This is done through a Registration of Patent with the Canadian Patent and Trademark Office. The Registration of Patent is not a legal process and it does not involve any payment or costs. However, before you can get any patents approved you will need to complete a disclosure document for the intended technology. This is a document that will demonstrate to the patent office that your proposed invention is new and that you have researched and tested your invention so that it meets the guidelines laid down by the Canadian Patent Office.