Understanding facts about Structured Water Why It Is Essential

Crystals have impressive properties, from the ability to convert energy from one kind to another or to express pyro luminosity, emitting light when exposed to heat, as in the case of piezoelectricity. To vibrate at a specific rate, it can be cut into a particular shape – so precise it can be used to hold time, as is the case with quartz and some watches. As in the case of radio frequencies in the original crystal radios, it can be used to tune into those frequencies. Some crystalline structures, such as rubies in the original lasers, can consolidate energy and data. What enables a properly cut ruby to concentrate scattered light waves in one direction and project them as a coordinated, coherent wave, also known as a laser, is the unique molecular arrangement pattern. Do you want to learn more? try this web-site.

The particular pattern of the molecules determines the properties of the crystals, i.e., how they respond to energy. Different geometric structures have different effects on energy and information – energy is transported in different forms along its structure – depending on the pattern, this energy may be transduced (i.e., modified form) or transmitted in different ways (i.e., radio frequencies, light frequencies).

They’re not all crystals, they’re everything. It’s better said by Carl Sagan,

“It’s not the atoms that go into it, it’s the way those atoms are put together.”

With proteins in the body, we can do this – modify all the protein ingredients, but retain the same shape – and the body will recognise it as the initial protein. It doesn’t even matter the ingredients, or what bits and pieces make up the protein. It matters just the structure.

And guess what determines the folding, shape and structure, including DNA, of any single protein in the body? Yeah, that’s the bath. For their form, folding, and coiling, the minimum 10,000 water molecules that surround every protein in the body are directly responsible. And by its liquid crystal geometric constructs, it does this.