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A relationship with a plastic surgeon is often the start of the renewed excitement of a person about his or her physical appearance. Learn more by visiting Houston Plastic Surgery Organization.┬áThe development of cosmetic plastic surgery is not limited to the shores of the United Kingdom. People all over the world choose this type of surgery to change their own facial or body characteristics. The days when one was forced to accept birth characteristics for better or for worse have long gone. Plastic surgery transplants are also currently being performed on young people.Plastic surgery, of course, is not a procedure that should be performed lightly. During the healing process, the pleasure of seeing one’s body transform into something more desirable or to your own liking, does not come without its costs and body discomfort. Therefore, it is paramount that any such operation is only taken out after thorough consideration. It is also wise to accept advice from those close to you where possible, because there may be alternative methods that could work out just as efficiently. In the example of surgery, for example, a proper diet that is followed could just as well do the trick without the financial costs involved in surgery to help decrease weight. Also, do not forget that aftercare is required for plastic surgery and this could be a number of months depending on the type of plastic surgery you intend to perform. Well, more than 11.5 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in the United States of America alone in 2006, a 447 percent increase in the number of plastic surgery operations performed in 1997. The cosmetic surgery statistics of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are the most comprehensive collection of data available on the number of cosmetic surgery and no surgical procedure. Where was all this plastic surgery actually carried out?