The Pro’s Of Structured Water Filter

Structured Water Filters are a huge improvement over your run-of-the-mill pitcher style filter, both in terms of performance and cost. They take a shower or bath, the way a pitcher does, but they get it all out of the water before you drink. What this means for you is that not only is your water cleaner but it tastes better too. This is because water filters have been equipped with a special process called ion exchange, where harmful chemicals and metals like lead, copper, zinc, arsenic, and other harmful elements are replaced by healthy mineral content like calcium and magnesium, so you actually taste better! Learn more by visiting Greenfield Water Solutions.

Structured Water Filter also solves all that, by returning hard water back to its natural, pristine condition. It also benefits your health, helping to think clearer, rest better, detoxify your system, and keep you more calm, clear-headed, and energized, which filtration cannot do on its own. Plus, since a good manufacturer warranty is included with every filter purchase, a break in the coverage is uncommon, and the majority of manufacturer warranties last for up to twenty years!