Places to Have Your Original Art For Sale

It can be a fun thing to sell your work, not to mention a way to obtain an extra source of income. However, the hard part is finding out where to sell your original art for sale. Because it’s so hard, you might think it’s going to be difficult to do it, yet you don’t want to give up. If you offer yourself, the chances of people collecting your pieces will be decreased and you will not be able to enjoy the extra money. Here are five sites where you may want to consider selling your work of art so that you can start making money.By clicking here we get info about Los Angeles oil paintings for sale.

Checking with local galleries to see if they sell individual works would be the first place that you could think. Some of the local galleries may allow you to sell for a small percentage there, but others may only be dedicated to one particular artist. Since you are going to try to sell your paintings, you are not going to damage yourself by calling them up and telling them or dropping in with examples of your work even better.

The Internet will be the second venue to log in. You would probably end up competing with artists all over the world now with the internet for the amount of money people have to spend on paintings. However, if you are able to market your art properly and find the market that you can do well in, you can be very good in selling goods on the internet. You can also search to see if there are any websites devoted to selling art only for specialty art. If the fees they charge are figured out, they would usually rate higher than if you were just starting out.

In some of the smaller local coffee shops, the third place to look will be. This doesn’t mean walking into your neighborhood’s big chain coffee shop now, but see if you can find one that’s owned locally. You will find that this can be very profitable for you and the coffee shop, depending on the region. Not only do the locally owned locations not even charge you to sell products in the store.

Using your own front yard will be the fourth venue. It might seem to make you feel a little cheap now to do this, but it might be the way you end up selling your first painting and bringing your art out into the world. If you’re just starting out and if you have high levels of foot traffic in front of your house, this is a smart solution.

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