Partida Corona Medical Center Explained

The government invested more than $3.5 million on these experiments in the country, but did not find a working solution. Thus, no test has yet been authorised. Therefore, it is not a good idea to take unproven tests yet, as they can not be relied on. The answer is that they will offer an incorrect description and place you at great risk. We will make it available across the nation once we have found a working test.Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, WHO representative, expressed in Geneva her reservations about the rapid serology test due to insufficient data. She said a number of countries are proposing quick serological diagnostic tests to find out whether a person’s immunity is not high enough. Learn more by visiting Partida Corona Medical Center.

We don’t have good evidence at the moment to indicate that serological tests may help a person combat the infection of the coronavirus. Although these tests will help to determine the amount of antibodies in the body of a subject, it does not indicate that the individual is immune to the virus.It’s good news, according to Dr. Van Kerkhove, that there are a lot of tests to find out more and more, so we need to make sure the tests are accurate. This is crucial to ensure that the remaining findings are precise and accurate.

With antibody tests, there are several issues. One of the most common concerns is that there is no test that can operate on a broad scale at the moment. We can’t say, even though there is one, that they’re free of possible problems. In order to ensure that these tests do not result in further problems down the road, further testing is therefore required.There are no guarantees that you are fully immune if you have anti-coronavirus antibodies. If it’s partial immunity or full immunity, you might still be immune to the virus.