Orange County Tiles- A Summary

You want something special, something unique for your new kitchen back splash. You have looked in some tile stores but have not seen anything you love enough to live with for years. So how can you possibly get what you want and how many more stores are you willing to visit? You are starting to think you will have to commission someone to make this back splash for you. Read here Orange County Tiles – Mosaic Tile

Enter the Internet! Here is where you will be able to find the tile artist who can work with you to create what you have only dreamed of having in your home, a practical work of art you will enjoy looking at every day.

And this artist does not even have to be located near where you live. You two can communicate over the phone and via email to work out the details for your project: How many tiles you will need and what size they will be, the color palate, designs, where the switch plates and outlet covers need to go.

Do a web search for the kind of tile project you are interested in: Kitchen back splash, bathroom tiles, fireplace surround, tile mural, tiled windowsills. Look at images on tile artists’ websites to see which suits your own taste the best. Get ideas of what is possible. And then contact the tile artist with an inquiry.

You will want to ask: What ideas do you have for my project? How much is it going to cost? Can you ship the finished tiles to me? What is a realistic estimate for how long it will take for the tiles to reach me?

Perhaps your budget does not include custom tile for your entire project. Then think about using a combination of custom and commercial tiles. An example of this approach is the Lobster Kitchen project I did for a loft in New York City. The owners love lobsters and had been searching for lobster tiles they liked for years before we met. I kept their costs down by making them some hand painted lobster tiles to intersperse amid low cost commercial field tiles that complemented my tiles. I also added to the lobster theme by making them hand painted switch plate and outlet covers throughout the kitchen. They got a lot of bang for their bucks and were very pleased.