IT Support: Know What You Need

IT support is a term used widely by companies that use computers in their daily operations. The IT support offered is needed for hardware and software that are integrated in one form or another. While a typical computer can be used without IT support, it becomes impossible to run an organization or company with no help from IT support professionals. Thus, these professionals form the backbone of IT support, as they not only monitor and test equipment or workstations, but also help maintain them in perfect working condition.Have a look at IT Support Chicago for more info on this.

IT support therefore covers a number of tasks that IT professionals perform, ranging from advising the users on how to use a particular product in a computer system, such as advising them on the type of passwords to set for a particular program or file, and how to make the most of a given piece of software. It also covers performing tests, demonstration, and maintenance of computer hardware and software, troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues, security concerns, support for email servers and file servers, and the like. IT support not only helps in the execution of particular work programs, but also covers other functions such as creation and modification of backup files and folders, security, monitoring of networks, and the like. It helps users of computers in their day-to-day activities and keeps their computers in good working condition. While a typical computer technician may not know everything there is to know about computer hardware and software, he can at least solve basic problems, advise users, and perform preventive maintenance.

IT support is divided into three tiers, based on the level of support required for each piece of equipment. There are tier one technicians who perform basic troubleshooting and maintenance on the equipment itself. Tier two technicians specialize in software or hardware issues. And tier three technicians specialize in billing, accounting, design implementation, installation and maintenance. For companies that utilize computer systems of higher complexity, there are tier four technicians who handle these functions. They perform the most difficult tasks and are usually trained on complex software and hardware packages.


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