Finding a Good Real Estate Attorney

A successful attorney cannot be replaced by any real estate course or seminar. Finding a good real estate lawyer can be challenging because most lawyers aren’t developers or have a lot of experience in new innovative transactions. Most lawyers will only give you the information you need to protect them from being prosecuted, but they will not give you enough information to help you make any money out of any real estate transaction.You may want to check out Cohen Garelick & Glazier for more.

A successful real estate attorney is one that not only informs you of the risks associated with various transaction options, but also charges you a fair fee for doing so. A poor real estate attorney would either say nothing, point out issues without offering solutions, or ruin deals in a systematic manner. Attorneys are also referred to as “contract killers” because of this.

Inquire of other investors in your field who use an attorney. You may also enter a real estate investors’ group and ask for a few referrals. For more details, contact your local real estate agents and title companies. Do not pick someone who actually CLAIMS to be a real estate attorney specialist from the Yellow Pages.

Ask the following questions while interviewing a real estate attorney:

Is he the owner of a rental property?

How many closings does he do each year?

What kind of suspicious transactions has he been involved in recently?

Is he ever evicted anyone? Are there any foreclosures? Appeals to the zoning board of adjustment? Are there any condo conversions in the works?

Can he clarify the terms lease/option, wraparound mortgage, and instalment land contract to you?

Get a sense of the attorney’s professionalism and personality. A good attorney on your side is worth his weight in gold, particularly if he can close deals in unusual ways.


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