Family Law Attorney – Helping You Through a Child Custody Hearing

It can be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life to be a mom. Possibly one of the most special and wonderful things you have ever experienced is the unconditional love between you and your kids. However, when disputes occur between you and the other parent of the child, the case can escalate to such a degree that for any variety of reasons, like a child custody hearing or a child support hearing, you can end up in a court hearing. Jensen Family Law – Mesa is one of the authority sites on this topic.

You will want to consider hiring a family law attorney if you and the other parent of your child are going to go through a court hearing over your child. These legal experts can help you navigate the type of court hearing that you are going to and can help ensure that during the hearing you are accurately represented.

It will definitely be one of the most frustrating and challenging times of your life if you are going through a child custody hearing. It will be complicated and frustrating because both you and your child’s other parent will definitely both be competing for the child’s custody. It may be enough to lift your tension to an unhealthy level, just the fear of losing custody of your child, and if you do not know what to expect during the trial, it may place your emotions above the top. A family law attorney will be able to tell you what to expect during the trial and will help ensure that during the hearing you are adequately represented, which can be the difference between the child’s custody being awarded and losing custody.

Before deciding how custody will be divided and to whom it will be granted, the court will undoubtedly weigh several factors during your custody trial. Your parenting capacity is one of the key considerations that the court would undoubtedly consider during the hearing. With this in mind, getting a family law specialist by your side who would be able to represent your parenting skills in the best light will be immensely helpful. Bear in mind, the child’s other parent will undoubtedly still be fighting as hard as possible to obtain custody, so it may be important to have a legal expert by your side who has expertise in these types of situations.

You would even have to endure a support hearing after you have made it through the custody hearing. The support hearing is likely to be held to decide how much money the non-custodial parent will have to pay in child support per month. A family law attorney can also be a great aid in making it through this trial, whether you are the parent making the payments, or the parent receiving the payments.

It can be really difficult to experience arguing with the other parent of your child over child custody, or some other matter. You will want to employ a legal expert to support you through the hearing when the cases wind up in court. Hiring a lawyer to accompany you during the hearing has many advantages, with the most significant being to come out victorious at the end of the process.