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This implies, of course, long waiting lines that require you to wait a long time after your scheduled appointment. Those services are also offered by many charitable organisations. The good part, though, is that there are some very good doctors in community care dental clinics that perform fillings, crown replacements, and root canals at very low rates. Within the care centre, the medications are also available so that you do not need to make a separate trip to the pharmacy. Mill Creek Dental is one of the authority sites on this topic. You can immediately get other services, such as X-rays and other tests, done. Find out whether in your area you have a community dental clinic.Not all dental clinics are costly at all. Some of them charge standard prices for comprehensive treatments, but at very affordable prices, you can get some basic services. Depending on your income level, many dentists also agree to decrease rates on different procedures. You can find out about them from your local health directory or dental health association if any such dentist or clinic is not available in your region.At some of these low-cost clinics, a bi-annual check-up may cost as little as $10. Consequently, these are a good source of regular dental health check-ups. You can approach your local community care centre for treatments that are more expensive.If you are looking for basic dental care that is low-cost, then you need to head to your nearest dental college. The students here are always looking for new patients to practise on, and some community service needs to be performed. In particular, these services are aimed at individuals from low-income neighbourhoods and you can expect some competent young students to provide services for tooth extraction, filling and cleaning. It is also a great place to look for check-ups free of charge.

Dental universities with active research wings often need subjects on whom they can test new techniques and techniques for dental treatment. In such studies, you can register as a participant and get some free dental care in the process. You could be entitled to a free check-up, scaling, or tooth extraction in exchange for your participation in the programme.