Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Patios

A concrete patio is a flat surface that is typically comprised of cement, sand, and concrete. When you walk on a concrete patio surface, you essentially are walking on solid concrete. It is unlike most patios in that the materials are poured into an open space and then left to set, hardened, and then be covered with a finished surface to protect it from the elements. Concrete Company-Matchless Concrete Construction LLC is one of the authority sites on this topic. Concrete patios are usually lined along the perimeter for added protection, but typically there are no surrounding plants, trees, or other features that might mar the appearance of your patio.

Most patios can have a variety of features built in to them to create a unique look and style. However, concrete patios are the most versatile because you have a wide range of shapes and designs to choose from, along with the options to add in various features, edgings, and accents. Concrete patios can be designed in nearly any shape, since most of them are free-standing. There are several distinct styles of patios including the more common rectangle, square, round, and oblong patios, as well as more specialized designs like arbors and decorative concrete edges. The shapes and sizes of patios can be limited only by your imagination and budget, while edges and edgings are generally design dependent.

Concrete patios are constructed using various methods, but the most commonly used technique involves pouring the concrete mixture into forms and then shaping them with hand tools before pouring the mix into the desired areas. After the concrete has been shaped, it is sprayed with a sealer that prevents water from seeping into the concrete and forming holes and pockets beneath the concrete during the curing process. Curing time is dependent on the type of patios being constructed, but typically it takes anywhere from one to three weeks from the time the concrete is poured until it is completely cured. Once the patio has been cured, a weather based sealant is applied to help protect the concrete from rain and snow damage. This type of sealant is different from paint and should be periodically re-applied to help keep the patio looking clean and new.