Details About Chris Moroccos Cooking Rules

Why is cooking healthy meals so important? And it will make you happier to eat balanced meals too. Did you know that you can substantially reduce the risk of many serious diseases, such as obesity, heart attack or diabetes, by eating healthy? Now, if you know some simple rules, healthy cooking is pretty fast. Here are four golden rules for the planning and preparation of nutritious meals:

Correctly stock new foods and not too long
Using methods of preparation that prevent loss of nutrients
Cut yourself back on fat
Put as little sugar as possible and try some solutions instead.

Rule #1: Properly store fresh foods and not for too long.Within days, many vegetables lose vitamins, and meat produces bacteria rapidly. Ideally, for the day, just buy what you need.In the veggie compartment of your fridge, or in a cold, dark place like a cellar, vegetables are best stored. To prevent moisture loss, cover them.Meat can be stored for a few days in the fridge, but always cook minced meat the day you buy it, as it goes off extremely quickly. For more info see this.

Rule #2: Use methods of preparation to prevent nutrient loss.Do not soak foods, or they will lose water-soluble nutrients. Thoroughly but briefly wash.Only shortly before cooking should food be sliced.For cooking food, use as little water as possible. Using it afterwards for a broth or sauce.Instead of boiling or frying, steam vegetables, stew or braise them.To close the pores, add meat to boiling water or briefly roast it at high temperatures.

Rule #3: Minimize fat.Don’t add any more fat to your meals as needed. Not only oil and butter, but also cheese, cream etc. are included. Using products that are low-fat instead.Choose healthy fats and products made from them, such as olive oil, canola, and rapeseed oil.Pan-fry or roast your foods in the oven instead of frying them in oil.

Rule #4: Add as little sugar as possible and instead try those alternatives.Artificial sweeteners contain little to no calories and are a better alternative to sugar, but in susceptible individuals, they can cause side effects.Naturally, fruit, sweet potatoes, maize, yellow pepper and others are sweet and can add sweetness to your dishes.There is less sugar in natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup.

The principles of making nutritious meals, you see, are pretty easy. You can easily prepare the healthiest meals for you and your family if you obey the four golden rules mentioned above – preserving your foods properly to preserve nutrients and prevent bacterial contamination, using a safe cooking method and not consuming extra calories.