All about Water Mold Fire Restoration of Boston

Living through fire damage to your business or home is one of the most devastating experiences you can ever experience. Even if it is a small fire, the damage to the structure is usually very obvious. There will be scorch marks, black spots and generally a lot of evidence of there being a fire. The best thing you can do after having experienced fire damage, is to call in the restoration experts to help you clean up the damage caused by smoke and fire.You may want to check out Water Mold Fire Restoration of Boston for more.

The restoration experts will first deal with the smoke odor and they will need to remove it from all the fabrics and then from the hard floors, tiles, and surfaces in the home or office.
All fabrics, including clothes, carpets, upholstered furniture needs to first be deodorized and then cleaned. Most people just don’t have the knowledge to do this themselves and have to call in the restoration experts. The restoration expert will use counteractants, or chemicals that destroy the smoke molecules thereby eliminating the smell. There are several different counteractants and the one that is used in your home or business will depend on the type of fire damage and the type of fabric.

Most specialists use an ozone treatment to kill the smoke. In these cases an ozone generator is brought in and then the items are put inside a tent and treated. Clothes that are treated with the ozone method should then be laundered.

A process called thermal fogging will be used to treat hard surfaces and walls from the fire damage. This fog instills itself in the hard surfaces and neutralizes the smoke odor. As you can see this is a somewhat complicated process, so you need to be sure and get a reputable fire restoration company to work with you, and to eliminate all the fire damage. Unless you do this, you are likely to have to live with smoke odor for a few years. This damage will decrease the value of your home on the real estate market, and may even cause other serious respiratory disorders.

To find a reputable company in your area, you should check online, and look in your phone directory, but before contracting their services you want to find out how many years they have been in business, and what their qualifications are.